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I danced at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet for 9 years and I absolutely loved it! My younger sisters also took classes and had a ton of fun! I would definitely recommend others to this studio because of the close-knit community and high quality of training. I also danced in the annual Oklahoma Nutcracker for many years and made countless life-long memories. Every minute spent dancing here was worth it. We had to leave because of a move but if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat.
- Ruth Kennedy

"Coming to the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet has changed more than my turnout and flexibility, though those have improved considerably! The studio is a safe haven for creativity, and a learning environment for disciplined—and therefore incredible—progress. I know this because I've lived the change over the past three years, and it has given me the grace of a dancer, physically and as a person.

First, of course, Miss Marjorie (the Director) fostered such joy in dance. I always knew I loved to dance, as a three-year-old tot in a tutu and now dancing down the aisles at the grocery store. Observing Marjorie in ballet class reassured me that it was okay to adore ballet as much as we both do.

Every class is a challenge, and the improvements reflect in the mirrors. The students themselves are high caliber, especially in terms of school and maturity level. But believe me; we can have fun, too! Class is always full of smiles—a language that replaces words during serious class time.

Lastly, the atmosphere at the ballet school is unbeatable, and for me as a student venturing out into the world, unforgettable. My family will tell you, I'm always in a better mood after ballet class.

I love ballet with all my heart, my arms, my legs, right down to my pointed toes. As I leave for France to be an exchange student, the dancers and teachers at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet hold a special place in my heart. Marjorie's studio is the place where I feel free to express myself as I best know how, through artful dance. "

-Sarah Fain, Ballet Student. Update: University of Texas graduate/ Sarah teaches school in Texas

Photo"The training and guidance that I received from the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet over a 15 year period not only helped to shape my body and ballet technique, but taught me a discipline and love of hard, yet gratifying, work. I always noticed that the majority of the dancers in my class were also passionate about other things as well. Most of us were able to translate the concentration and commitment that Marjorie taught us into learning to play instruments, learning foreign languages, or making 4.0 GPA's in school. Marjorie taps her love of ballet and teaching to cultivate an environment where young dancers can grow in their ballet technique as well as their own confidence in their ability to achieve."
-Milena Govich, Ballet student. Update: Milena currently resides in LA, and is looking forward to her next adventure in her field of acting!

Cayla“"Miss Marjorie makes sure we're doing good and I like how she teaches. Ballet is fun!”

- Cayla Anne Clark, Ballet Student

“Ballet classes at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet are a perfect blend of focused attention, serious ballet instruction, and a relaxed, fun atmosphere.”

- Lucy Clark, Cayla Anne's mom

"Having been a student of Marjorie's for well over a decade, I can say with total admiration, that she boasts one of the foremost classical ballet schools in the state. I feel fortunate that at a young age I was able to attend the Marjorie Kovich School for Ballet, and receive such excellent training. Ms. Marjorie's eye for technique and no nonsense attitude instill in young ballerinas the discipline that is required if dance is ever to be taken seriously. Yet, I always enjoyed my time spent at the studio and have many cherished memories of dancing just because it was fun. Marjorie's passion for dance is contagious, and I am proud to say that I have caught the "bug". I feel pleased knowing that in my ripe old age, my love for ballet will never abate. The artistry of ballet is one that I feel I have come to understand and respect; it is a gift given to me over many patient hours at the hand of such an attentive teacher. Whether a young child with ballerina dreams, an intermediate dancer needing to take the next step, or a "seasoned" adult wanting to get back in the saddle, Ms. Marjorie's school can help you at all of these levels. I know this because I have been at every one of these stages and feel so blessed that I will always have a friend and a home at Marjorie's studio."

-Kate Hurley, Ballet Student. Update: Kate graduated from Kansas University with a BFA in Vocal Performance and Drama & is living in NYC dancing and acting.

Branscum"My girls have been taking ballet from the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet for over 12 years. We just love it there. I am so pleased with the training they are receiving. They are learning the joy and beauty of ballet and the discipline of working hard for something you love. I believe the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet is the best studio around."

- Tanya Branscum, Mother of Olivia and Lily

Vaughn"Our girls, ages 9 and 5, have been doing ballet at Marjorie Kovich's School since they were both 4 years old. They have grown in grace and confidence as well as having a blast doing ballet! The performances bring the whole family out to watch. We are so grateful to Marjorie and her special way with the kids. The girls are always looking forward to their next class. Thank you, Marjorie, for your professionalism and desire to bring out the best in every child."

- Tracie Vaughn, Cheyenne and Sierra’s mom

Haag"As an older dancer, I need a place to dance that gives me the aesthetic pleasure of doing real ballet, the unique physical workout that ballet provides, and the comfort of being welcomed and accepted for what I can accomplish, without pressure to perform above my level of skill. I have been dancing at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet since 1992, and I have loved being part of the ballet scene. I plan to keep on dancing."

- Marcia Haag, Adult Ballet Student, retired. Professor of Linguistics, University of Oklahoma

Waldrop"I basically grew up at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet, and the years I spent there helped make me who I am today. Of course I received excellent ballet training that helped me go on to professional study programs and a well-regarded university school of dance, but I also learned much more. The excellent teachers helped me develop discipline, focus, and perseverance, all of which helped me in so many other areas of my life. The school's atmosphere is one of true caring – the students always come first, both as dancers and as young people. I always knew my best effort would be demanded in class and rehearsal, but I also felt the support and camaraderie of the teachers and other dancers. My "ballet family" at the school helped me achieve successes both inside and outside the studio. I am no longer planning to dance professionally, but because of the love for ballet that I gained at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet, I know dance will always be a fulfilling part of my life."

- Sarah Waldrop, Ballet Student. Update: Sarah was a National Merit Scholar graduating from the University of Oklahoma, cumma sum laude, and the Georgetown Law School. and currently works in Washington D.C.

Personette"Ms. Marjorie, Thank you for the role you have played in the lives of my three daughters over the past five years. The training they have received at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet shows up in every aspect of their lives. The poise, grace, and confidence they exhibit in public normally evokes the question, "Are you a ballerina?" As I watch them perform with their instruments, or sing in the chorus, I can see the dancer in them."

- Denise Personette, Mother of students Elizabeth, Nia, and Christina


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