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School of Ballet Attire

How to Dress for Dance Class

A very important part of a dancer’s training is his or her appearance.  Beautiful dancing and careful preparation of a role can be spoiled by careless or sloppy appearance.  The “look” of a ballerina begins in the classroom. The male dancer must dress the part of the masculine danseur.
Each dancer must be dressed appropriately for each class.  This includes a tidy appearance in both hair and dress.  Hair must be secured back from the face and neck in a bun or French braid and secured with a strong clasp if the hair is short.  Please no headbands!

Girls Ballet Attire: Pink ballet shoes, ballet pink footed tights, and a solid colored leotard are required for each class.  Please do not wear tan/nude colored tights or tights that have the feet cut out of them.  Skirts are not allowed in classleotards with skirts attached are not allowed in class —they are a distraction to the young dancers, and hinder the teacher’s observation of proper hip/body alignment.  TUTU/SKIRT DAY: Beginning in the month of September, the first class of each  month  there will be a “Tutu/Skirt Day”.  This will give the students an opportunity to wear their recital tutu, skirt or skirted leotard to class.  Tutus may be borrowed from the school if the dancer has forgotten to bring her own  tutu or skirt.
Girls Character Class Attire: Dancers  are to wear character shoes and skirt. The shoes may be ordered individually and the skirts ordered through the school.  Please direct inquiries to Miss Marjorie.
Girls Jazz Class Attire:  Tan pull-on jazz shoes.  Girls may wear their ballet class tights & leotard for jazz class.

 Boys Ballet Class Attire: Black ballet shoes and white socks, black tights, or bike shorts (summer) and a white T-shirt are the standard dress code.
Boys Character & Jazz  Class Attire:  black pull-on jazz shoes and  ballet classroom  attire.

For All dancers: No baggy sweatshirts, shorts or plastic pants are allowed during class and leg warmers may be worn only with the teacher’s permission.  Dancers are not allowed to wear jewelry (necklaces, rings, dangly earrings) or watches in class.  Leave the diamonds at home!

Shoe Fit:  Ballet shoes must fit the foot snugly for proper support. Do not buy the shoes to grow into. Ballet shoes must fit the foot like a gloveEach child’s name must be written inside each ballet shoe with permanent marker. 
Ballet and pointe shoes must have elastic and/or ribbons sewn onto shoes. The strings must be tied in a double knot and trimmed off.  No safety pins securing shoes are allowed- it is unsafe.  If shoes are forgotten or secured with pins, the student will be asked to sit and observe class.  This is not a punishment, but rather, a safetyprecaution!
Lost & Found Basket: There is a basket in the waiting area that contains ballet shoes that may be “borrowed” in the event of forgotten shoes – and if your child has outgrown her shoes, you are encouraged to donate used shoes to the basket. Return the shoes to the basket after class if you have borrowed them!

Clothing and shoes for Adults and Children can be purchased at the locations listed below:

ShowBiz Dancewear Boutique
4427 NW 63rd St.
OKC, OK 73116

Queen of Harts Dancewear
924 24th Ave. SW
Norman, OK 73069

Queen of Harts Dancewear
3804, 625 NW 7th
Moore, OK 73160

And if you know correct sizes: Online at www.discountdance.com is an excellent source for good quality & reasonably priced dancewear.



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