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About our Ballet School

Marjorie Kovich began her ballet school in 1972 to pursue her dream of teaching ballet and to offer dance classes in a positive and encouraging yet disciplined environment – a learning center for students of all ages to come and share their love of ballet and dance. Ballet classes were originally held in a rented church reception hall. In 1976, the school moved to its present location at 1312 South Berry Road in Norman Oklahoma. The uniqueness of this location provides a beautiful setting in which students gain a sense of security and comfort as they begin their journey into ballet. The school caters specifically to parents who seek the best for their children and who are aware of the benefits that classical ballet training can bring to them. Since the ballet school's beginnings, it has maintained a reputation for setting a standard of excellence for all of its students. It is the school's goal to bring out the best in every student. Students are encouraged to set their goals high, not only in ballet, but in all areas of their lives. Training is careful and unhurried to make certain that each student progresses to the best of his abilities. It is recognized that all students have varying degrees of talent and ability and it is customary at our school that all students receive equal attention and recognition in class. Students from the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet have been accepted for advanced study at the School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Boston Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and other professional programs nationwide. Students have also been accepted into both the modern and ballet programs at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. Since 1990, more students from the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet have been accepted into the ballet program at OSAI than any other studio in the Norman area. Former students from the school have performed as professional company members with Ballet West, Nevada Dance Theatre, Ohio Ballet, Texas Ballet Theatre, Fort Worth Dallas Ballet, Oklahoma Festival Ballet and Oklahoma City Ballet. They also have performed in the professional division at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. They have careers as modern dancers, choreographers, and actors/singers on Broadway and television. Students have degrees in dance from the University of Oklahoma, University of Indiana, University of Utah and Southern Methodist University. We are equally proud of ALL of the students in our Ballet Family who have gone on to careers in medicine, law, public relations. teaching, business, television, motherhood and so many other important facets of our society where they have continued to excel! The teachers at the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet share their passion and love of dance with every student. For the students, every class is an adventure in learning about ballet and themselves. The enjoyment students receive from dancing here comes from their feelings of accomplishment and self worth, instilled in them by the school's environment of high standards and love for the dance.


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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