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About Our Classes

The thoughtful approach to teaching that is prevalent at the school ensures that each child and adult student will succeed and develop skills that will last a lifetime. Marjorie Kovich began her ballet school in 1972 to pursue her dream of teaching ballet and to offer dance classes in a positive and encouraging yet disciplined environment – a learning center for students of all ages to come and share their love of ballet and dance. The concepts of excellence, poise, self worth, accomplishment and respect for their work and others are instilled in all students by our experienced teachers who share their love and joy for dancing. Their professional instruction and true desire to help each student ensures that every student will succeed in class.

Classes are offered at all levels from pre-school through adult ballet. We have classes to fill every dancer's needs, whether training in our program to become a college or professional dancer, or for the fitness, enjoyment and the love of dance.

The ballet technique taught at the school is based on the outstanding elements of the Russian, Italian, and French schools. In addition, elements of the American ballet style, introduced in the mid-20th Century, bring crisp athleticism, clean footwork and clarity of line and movement to the ballet and pointe technique classes taught at the school.

Careful and unhurried training leads to a sound foundation for each student, and the syllabus for each class level insures that every student will progress and achieve success at that level before being moved into the next class level. Each movement and step is learned separately and then woven into combinations of movement, which is the basis for each level of class at the school.

Our Children's Ballet and Dance Classes focus on the development of the entire child – physical, emotional and social. Children in Tiny Tutus (Mommy & Me) and Pre-Ballet are introduced to the joys of movement and music through dance and imaginative play, encouraging positive group social behavior. Our students are always encouraged to have fun!

Formal introduction to classical ballet technique is begun in earnest at the Ballet IA Level and continues through the advanced Ballet V Level. As the student progresses into the mid and upper levels, technique is introduced stressing absolute positions of the feet arms, torso and head, while turnout from the hip increases balance, mobility and extension of the legs. Pointe work for girls is usually introduced after careful preparation in Ballet III and Pre-Pointe levels.

The School's careful approach to learning extends to our classes for Teens and Adults. Classes are divided into two levels to accommodate the needs of the students who are just starting their ballet experience, as well as the dancers who have years of previous training. Our Teen and Adult Classes provide our teens and adults the opportunity for fun, fitness and camaraderie!


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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