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Basic Ballet Classes for Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults

Teens and Adults have many reasons why they take ballet. They may have missed taking ballet as children or are looking for a form of exercise that will serve them for a lifetime. Ballet is unique in that it challenges both the mind and body, offering great health benefits as well. Ballet also never gets old; it is an ongoing learning process that is pleasurable, inspiring and creates a healthy, strong, flexible body! Another benefit for teen and adult students is the relief from daily stress that taking a ballet class offers. Our primary goal is to offer leveled ballet classes for Teens and Adults that are fun and provide an enjoyable outlet for exercise and healthy minds, spirit and body!

Level I

This class is for the true ballet beginner. The class is being offered for those pre-teens, teen-agers, college students & adults who have always wanted to learn ballet and never had the opportunity, or had classes as a young child and need to start from the beginning again. It's not too late to start! This is the class for you! Students will be guided through beginning ballet technique at the barre and in the centre, learning the basic steps, French terminology, ballet class etiquette, and basic stretching exercises. Our Beginners classes emphasize personal achievement and growth, in a non-competitive and supportive environment! Everyone is here to learn and have fun! Attire: Please do not let concern about what to wear or how you look or how long it has been since you have taken class or even exercised, stop you from entering the fun and fulfilling world of ballet! We ask the true beginner to wear comfortable clothing. Leggings and t-shirt or work-out attire that is not too baggy will work. You will need a pair of pink ballet shoes. If you want to wear traditional ballet attire, pink tights and a solid colored leotard. (skirt is option) is the standard dress for ballet class Men may wear black tights or bike shorts, white t-shirt and white ballet shoes.

Level II

Our Basic Ballet Technique Class is designed to teach ballet fundamentals, stretching and strengthening, and centre work. Like the other levels at our school, there is a syllabus that progresses through the year. This level is careful and unhurried so each student is able to comprehend and master the fundamentals. The careful and slow presentation of fundamentals makes it enjoyable for pre-teens, teens, college students, and adults. Emphasis is on acceptance of each person's capabilities. These classes are based on individual achievements and not comparisons. Self-fulfillment is very important. This is a time for you to come and focus on yourself. Classes are later in the evening to make it convenient for adults and teens attending. Classes meet for 90 minutes per class once or twice a week depending on the schedule chosen by the student.


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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