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Our early childhood dance classes are designed to provide young students ages 3-7 years old the basic foundation for their dance education. Classes encourage each young child's love for movement and dance in a joyful and respectful atmosphere.  

Tiny Tutus (Mommy & Me) class is for 2.5 -3 year old children who are not ready to participate in a class setting by themselves. Our creative & fun curriculum has been developed to encourage the young children's natural sense of movement, music and play acting! Moms, dads or caregivers join in the dancing and songs with their young children. This is a wonderful "together" time for both child and parent. The Tiny Tutus class paves the way for the child to enter Pre-Ballet at the appropriate age. Tiny Tutus meets 30 minutes once a week in 8 week sessions.

In Pre-ballet, boys and girls begin learning the basic positions and simple steps in ballet, as well as the French terminology used in classical ballet. Children learn these basic concepts through creative movement and play within the structure of ballet class. The curriculum allows the maximum amount of fun for the children while teaching dance class etiquette, good manners, respect for others, proper posture, taking turns, and lining up. Through imaginative play using simple ballet steps and music, they begin to learn how to express themselves through the language of ballet and dance. Students are encouraged to have fun while they learn!

We maintain an environment of positive reinforcement and gentle corrections in our classes, which is necessary for the progress and growth of all students. Our small class sizes allow each student to receive more individual attention. Our classes for ages 3 & 4 are limited to only 10 children per class and a maximum of 12 students per class is allowed for ages 5-7.

Pre-Ballet 45 minute classes classes meet 1-2 times per week.

In these classes, children will be guided to focus on:

  • Having a great time with ballet and dance movement
  • Fun & joy of accomplishment
  • Basic positions and movements of ballet
  • Natural movements (skipping, hopping, etc) to develop coordination skills
  • Self-awareness & respect for others
  • Teamwork & taking turns
  • Creative expression & imagination
  • Basic body awareness
  • Musical awareness & introduction to classical music
  • Making friends and having fun

Educators now know that young children who are encouraged in the above concepts have a strong foundation for later development in reading, mathematics, and other educational skills.


Are You New to Dance Classes?
Here are
4 Common Questions Parents Ask When Choosing a Ballet School
for their Pre-Schooler

1. What age is appropriate to start my preschooler?

Each child is different and for that reason parents need to assess whether or not their young child is ready to enter into a structured dance class setting with other children. For some children, that might be 3 years or for others 4 or 5 years. The Pre- Ballet program at our school encourages the young dancers to express themselves through dance and share in the fun with the other young children while following directions given by the teacher. Pre-school age is when children are most accepting to new things. Our school's curriculum for youngsters, developed over years by Ms Kovich,provides new music, stories and movements every few weeks to make the Pre-Ballet classes fun and beneficial for the young dancers. The Kovich School of Ballet also offers a Mommy & Me class – we call it Tiny Tutus- for children who are not ready to be in a class setting by themselves and need the presence of their mom, dad or caregiver. This provides a gentle introduction to ballet class and is a great way for both dancer and parent to have a wonderful time together!

2. What if my child will not go into the class without me?

If the little dancer is 2.5 or 3, she is a perfect candidate for our Tiny Tutus class (see above). For older children, this reluctance to leave a parent is a normal reaction. Sometimes a new place and teacher can be scary for them. Our studio asks that you encourage your child to enter the classroom without you, and explain to your child that it is time for all of the moms to leave when class begins. Usually their biggest fear is that they aren't sure of what they will be expected to do once they are in class or in some instances, they may fear that you will not be there when they come out of class. Our experienced teachers are trained to facilitate this temporary separation. However, parents of the young dancers are invited to remain in the ballet room sitting area for the first 2-3 classes, if needed, to help with the transition. After a class or two the child will realize that this is a safe, fun place and will no longer need you to stay.

3. Why can’t the parents stay in the classroom all the time?

The children act differently when parents are in the room. When they are asked to do something new and it may seem difficult for them, they will cling to you rather then experience the new adventure. They will also look for, and react to, your approval. Having parents in the room during the class may create confusion for the child as to which authority figure is in charge of the class and delay the building of the student/teacher bond.

4. How will I know if my child is doing well?

At this age, the most important thing for your child is to have Fun, Fun, Fun! If the children enjoy themselves they will want to continue their ballet and dance classes for years to come, reaping the many benefits of dance training, not only as dancers but in all areas of life. Our curriculum has been developed over the years to provide maximum fun while learning takes place – the children don't even realize how much they are learning! They all want to dance and participate once they see what it is all about. If there is ever any concern you might have regarding your child's progress or other matter, do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss it!


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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