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Pre-Pointe/ Pointe

Students interested in learning the technique for dancing "en pointe" usually begin preparation by attending the Pre-Pointe / Pointe I class during their second year of Ballet III. Soft ballet shoes are initially worn in class to allow the student to master the techniques required for pointe work as well as to strengthen hips and ankles and body alignment. Once the student is deemed ready, at the discretion of the teacher, she will be allowed to purchase pointe shoes and begin taking the class en pointe. Home practice is discouraged to avoid incorrect and potentially harmful habits that may occur without the professional guidance of the teacher. Slow and thoughtful training builds technical skills and strength and soon the student will be dancing en pointe during center exercises. As techniques and strength develop, the students will spend more time in their pointe shoes. As they reach the advanced level, pointe work may be done in ballet technique class. Pre-Pointe/Pointe class must be accompanied by a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week.


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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