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Beginning Ballet Technique for Children

Ballet IA and Ballet IB

Students begin the formal introduction to classical ballet technique, in Ballet IA and IB when they are developmentally ready to merge body and mind into learning ballet fundamentals. If the student has been in our school's Pre-Ballet classes, this readiness for most children occurs at 7-8 years. Since ballet is the foundation of all dance, the groundwork for future endeavors is laid at this level. Students are encouraged in a positive environment and taught, carefully and unhurriedly, the French terminology for each step and position. They also learn correct alignment of the body, ballet classroom etiquette, and correct technique for each step, laying the groundwork for future pointe work and advanced training. As each student fulfills the requirements of knowledge and mastery of the steps in this level, then that student is moved up to the next level in the school.

Ballet IA and IB meet once a week for one hour.  

Primary Level - Ballet IIA & IIB

Level II is for children who have accomplished the elements of Ballet IB and are ready to move forward in their ballet technique. Students continue to work on the foundations laid in the beginning ballet technique levels. Combinations are lengthened in the center increasing ballet vocabulary and steps. Larger movements are introduced in diagonal work across the floor. Students also begin creating control and balance in adagio work. As their ability to move increases, so does their desire to excel. Our teachers always encourage the students to do their best and to enjoy what they are doing! For girls, increased awareness in footwork and strengthening exercises are introduced in preparation for future pointe work. Fulfilling the requirements of knowledge and mastery of steps in Level II generally takes two years.
Ballet II consists of two one-hour classes per week.

Intermediate Level - Ballet IIIA & B & C

Students continue to work on the foundations laid in the primary levels. Emphasis is placed on refining and defining movements and steps. Combinations are lengthened at the barre and in center, increasing ballet vocabulary and steps. Turns and larger movements are given in diagonal work across the floor. Control and balance in adagio work is lengthened to build strength. Work on steps with beats (battu) is begun. For girls, increased awareness in footwork and strengthening exercises is introduced in preparation for pointe. Boys do not go on pointe. Instead, their training emphasis is on jumps, beats, turns and exercises that increase strength and agility. Ballet III work is usually continued for 3 years.
Ballet III consists of two or more 75 minute ballet technique classes per week. Pre-Pointe/Pointe classes are offered at this level

High Intermediate and Advanced Levels- Ballet IV/V

When students have mastered the syllabus for the Beginning, Primary and Intermediate levels and have completed Pre-pointe work and Pointe I, they are moved into Ballet IV or V. At this level, it is understood that students will have incorporated the basic fundamentals into the body. The emphasis is now on expression and presentation of the upper body. Port de bras becomes more expansive, making the presentation of their ballet technique more than a classroom exercise. Ballet IV/V classes are one hour and thirty minutes long. It is recommended but not required that students attend four or more classes per week. Students are eligible and encouraged to take as many classes per week as possible. This level of ballet requires more time and classes so they will have the skills and technique necessary to pursue ballet on a pre-professional level. Each ballet technique class includes pointe work. The careful training students have received up to this point has prepared them for Variations class along with their ballet technique classes. In Variations class, traditional repertoire from classical ballets is learned. Students at this level are capable of learning different styles and interpretations of choreography, which is why they may be offered "variations" during class. Dancers in this level are also eligible to audition for the Norman Ballet Company and other performance opportunities made available through the school.


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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