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Performance Skills Class

Performance Skills is a performance -based class in which students learn choreographed exercises which, once mastered,  become a solo dance or variation.

The object of the class is to help the young dancers learn to express emotions and stories onstage through ballet pantomime, gestures, poses and steps learned in the classroom.

Based on a curriculum that is steeped in classical ballet, the series of choreographed exercises and dances are designed to improve technique, enhance performance quality, and increase stamina, in addition to  helping students develop confidence in their performance abilities. The specially arranged and composed music is unique to this program and provides further training in musicality and artistry.

The dances are learned in tiers according to the level and age of the student. As they master the dances in each successive tier they are able to continue to the next level. Each tier's dances are developmentally and technically age appropriate for dancers as young as 7 years and progress in degree of technique and expression as the dancer matures

The warm-up for this class will be a short character class which will complement their  ballet training  as well as add dance vocabulary necessary for some of the dances being taught. 


Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure.Beginners and experienced dancers


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